About Me

After my master’s degree in Multimedia, I have started my design career back in 2008 starting my journey as a junior designer with Norwich Union. In those 12 years I have moved my way up the career level to Senior UX/UI design as well as the Java Scalable Vector Animator within the Banking, Local Government, Telecom, Automotive, Technology & Automation and Retail markets. I have broad in-depth knowledge of working within the user-centered end user interactive designs, moving media, visual effects and branding with the personal, business, corporate and enterprise clients.
I have solved & built complex and successful user journeys, prototypes and their hi-fidelity interactive designs for all of my clients and pride myself in providing the best development and guidance to the built and the test processes.
I always dedicate 100% to my projects and bring the hands on experience with-in the agile environment and strive to lead by example. As an artist I always visualise my project to its completion, end-user’s satisfaction and competitive robustness.

Why Me

DTP / Graphics
Moving Media
Visual Effect / 3D
Web Design

• DTP/Graphics: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CC, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe Flash CC (Action Script 3 ‘basic’), Adobe Contribute, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Experience Design CC, Sketch, Zeplin

• Media Misc.: Poser, X-Frog, Bryce 7 pro, Sorenson Squeeze, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Soundbooth, Bink, Xillisoft

• Moving Media: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, 3D Studio Max, Autodesk VIZ, Cleaner, Corel Media Studio Pro 8, Corel VideoStudio Pro Ultimate, Corel MotionStudio 3D, Telestream Episode Engine, Lottie (Bodymovin)

• Visual Effects: Adobe After Effects, Redgiant Trapcode Particular, Boris Red, 3D Album Pro, Adorage ProDAD, Adorage Mercalli, Particle Illusion, PhotoGraphic Edge, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Edge Animate CC

• Web Standards: W3C, WAI (AAA), DDA, Usability, Accessibility, Section 508 [US], SEO

• Branding: Expert in branding, Creative designs, Wireframes, Prototypes, Bootstrap 3, Liquid, Elastic, Static & table based layouts, Adobe Experience Design, OmniGraffle, Microsoft Visio, Balsamiq, Axure, Sketch, Zeplin, Adobe Experience Design CC

• Markup Languages: HTML4, XHTML, HTML5, CSS2, & CSS3

• IT Skills: I maintain my own workstations (MacOS & Windows) and I am confident in using all major operating systems

Trusted by Global Brands


Santander logo

UX/UI Designer
June 2017 – Dec 2019

I have recently finished my contract working with Santander UK plc since June 2017, as a UX/UI designer.
I was involved in the creation of the internal and external (customer facing) projects with interactive UX/CX flows, user-stories, static and interactive low-fidelity mockups, developer guides as well as the pixel-perfect final UI designs for the development phase. I was constantly interacting with the product owners, stake-holders, engineers, researchers, managers, developers and testers during and after the built life-cycle of the projects. I was using all available resources whilst defining and implementing best practices in usability testing and maintain documented evidence in an auditable format.

I would like to proudly mention that I am the first designer in Santander to introduce the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) animations in the Corporate Banking for the Desktop, Web and Mobile apps.

My main approach in designing any project is according to the Government Design Principles and Google Material Design strategies and convince its benefits to the stakeholders and product owners.

Few of my main projects which I am currently involved are:

  • Open Banking – AISP – Account Information Service Provider (External)
  • Open Banking – PISP – Payment Initiation Service Provider (External)
  • Corporate BankingConnect mobile app (External)
  • Corporate Banking – Web transformation to the latest standards (External)
  • Master and Visa card Authorisation console for desktop enterprise solution (Internal)

SCC logo

UX/UI Designer
June 2016 – Dec 2016

[Capita Plc.]

I have worked as a UX/UI Designer with the Southampton city council local government in accordance with Capita Plc (Digital Transformation).
My responsibilities here were to modernise various areas of their online portal, including residential & commercial User Dashboard, Fostering Dashboard, user request forms and internal business support portal.
My aim was to challenge the existing customer journeys, simplify the interactive user experience and reduce the operating cost.
I have created & compiled an easy to understand & follow Style Guide for the engineers, developers and testers to maintain the consistency for all the Southampton local government projects. One of the important aspects for all the projects was to enable the user to achieve all the services through a retina ready mobile devices, hence all the designs are initially based on the mobile journey at first.
My approach for all the interactive designs were in the following order: Audience definition, user requirements, sitemap, user experience, storyboard, wireframes, and finally the pixel-perfect user interface.

Capita Plc. had been delighted to been shortlisted in 2017 MCA Awards for the work with Southampton City Council.
The digital transformation programme was the finalist in the Digital & Technology category.

Mercedes logo

Interactive HTML Animation Designer
Feb 2016 – May 2016

This project was to create the interactive user experience for the advertising campaign of Mercedes-Benz two new commercial vans (Sprinter and Citan).
I was the sole in charge of creating the User Journey, Mockups, Animations and then the final hi-fidelity User Interface for the online interactive banners in several different dimensions for both the categories, as well as to make them compatible for Flashtalking for Mercedes-Benz upcoming 2016 advertising campaign. These banners had to be responsively compatible for any (retina ready) mobile device as well as tablet.

Main tools I have used are Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe After Effects, Redgiant Trapcode Particular, Adobe In-Design, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Few billboard samples are as follows:

Huawei logo

Lead User Interface Designer
Oct 2015 – Feb 2016

I have worked with Huawei Technologies for their Learning Management System (LMS). My assignment was to completely transform and modernise the customers, employees and enterprise partner’s user experience for their global internal training module.

I have used Balsamiq, Sketch, Zeplin and Axure for the user journeys, storyboard and Lo/Hi fidelity mock-ups, then finalise through Adobe Creative Suite for the development team.

RVL logo

Lead User Interface Designer (UI/UX)
Mar 2014 – Sep 2015

Raging Ventures Ltd. (RVL) operates in two diverse online segments – Online Dating and Collectors Marketplace Rareburg (formerly: Junkey). RVL has more than 70 dating portals in the UK, US, New Zealand, Canada, India, Philippines and Australia.

As a Lead User Interface Designer, I have handled concept visualisation through paper prototyping or digital Lo/Hi fidelity mock-ups, user journeys, created initial lo-fidelity concept designs to the advertising and marketing team, creating the final working HTML prototypes, storyboard guidelines and retina ready responsive cross-platform PSDs for the developers.

I was also responsible for all the necessary marketing material for the project such as competitors research, high-converting web elements, logos, banners, Interactive HTML contents, Adverts (Facebook & Twitter), email templates, advertorial sites, HTML5 transition-based animations & effects, interactive charts, survey polls, backend assets etc.

My main packages to achieve my tasks are (Adobe Creative Cloud 2015) Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Muse, Acrobat Pro DC, Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, InCopy, Media Encoder, Sorenson Squeeze, 3D Studio Max 2016, Jetbrains Webstorm, Axure RP, Balsamiq, and Bink packages.

E-Tech logo

Digital Multimedia Designer (UX/UI)
Mar 2013 – Mar 2014

E-Tech consists of a collaborative team of qualified professionals who are committed to serve their clients with a unique personalised service. The company’s core services are Portfolio (Project Management), Technology development & design, Accountancy (Finance & HRM) and Business process outsourcing.

I have worked as a digital multimedia designer for web, moving & print media projects and I was responsible for user experience and user interface, which includes visualising the project through from storyboarding, prototyping, user journeys, user experiences to the hi-fidelity final product.

I mainly used the Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Flash CS6, 3D Studio Max, Webstorm, Axure, Sorenson and Bink packages.

Value Retail logo

Digital Designer / UI Designer
May 2012 – Dec 2012

Value Retail PLC owns nine designer outlet villages across Europe.  I work as a digital graphic designer for all aspects of their online brand. I am responsible for extensive front end designing & updating for all villages (multilingual) websites to portray the luxury appeal of the brands they sell. My work involves designing the interactive wireframe, mocking-up of any project on Axure / Photoshop to understand the end result, web & marketing packs preparation using Adobe InDesign, 2D/3D modelling & animation, designing Flash banners, editing video viral, preparing microsites and email promotions, producing work in different languages for individual markets and collaborating with designers & programmers locally and other digital teams in all of the villages.  I also ensured brand consistency and maintained the highest standards in design, usability and current best practices.

My recent task in the company was to design the complete graphics material for the new village venture in China named Suzhou Village, opened in summer 2013 within the coverage area of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

BT logo

UI Designer / Graphics Designer
Dec 2011 – Mar 2012

I worked for BT as a graphic web designer for their Conferencing section. I developed & redesigned artworks, project templates (GUI), website graphics and media content under strict DDA/HCI or accessibility compliant standards. I also created 3D virtual storyboards, Flash based banners, headers, course-works, promotional demos, e-flyers, printed media and broadcasting campaigns, and training portals via periodic CD/DVD/intranet course modules.

I had exposure to various technologies including wire-framing, 2D/3D low-mesh modelling & animation halftone and vector based material design, raw material and the growth scales calculation (project base), 3D modelling, designing & animated illustrations by using Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Dreamweaver, InDesign, Home site, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Visual studio, Adobe acrobat, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator and Ms Access.

Ericsson logo

UI Designer
Jan 2011 – Sep 2011

Responsible for UI Interface/visual design, participated and led the visual design of the web, developed E-learning and CD/DVD authoring by utilising usability guidelines and HCI documents for the project/product, their periodic enhancement and maintenance.

I was also responsible for updating banners, virals and themes for the websites and E-learning materials, creating visual interactive designs by using Adobe packages mainly Photoshop, Flash including action scripting, After Effect, Premiere and Particle Illusion. I also acquired extensive knowledge of importing and exporting information between documents on different platforms, as well as technical knowledge required for CMYK file formats for printers and service bureaus with sophisticated imaging systems. I liaised with analysts and other UI expert teams representing the clients whenever necessary to discuss their requirements via illustrative sketches, mock-ups or storyboards to better understand their demands. I mainly used the Adobe & (former) Macromedia packages to address client’s needs. I worked in different environments including HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS2, and Ajax.

Barclays logo

3D Artist / UI Designer
Feb 2010 – Oct 2010

Worked as a conceptual and user interface designer for a web-based user customer evaluation tool, writing specifications for user interface implementation and carrying out the user interface development and integration till the final stage of writing texts and producing graphic design to supplement publications such as user manuals, report brochures, etc. I managed graphic projects from start-to-finish, taking briefs from clients, working to budgets, obtaining quotes, designing and overseeing final job print. The type of publications included posters, brochures, cards, logos, leaflets. I was also responsible for editing the Barclay’s full colour magazine, exhibition panels and webpage graphics. I worked alongside professional photographers during new campaigns and product launches. I was also involved in broadcasting multimedia projects such as TV & Radio.

During my work at Barclays, I worked in various environments including HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS2, Ajax, OpenSTA, Gomez, some JUnit, Some JSP, XML, Java Script, SQL, VB Script, MS VISIO, Some Oracle/ASP/ASP.Net, Visual studio, Firework, VSS, XML Spy and Adobe & macromedia packages.

Norwich Union logo

Junior Graphic Designer
May 2009 – Dec 2009

I worked as a Graphic Designer, Story Board Designer and developed graphical assets for projects including redesigning of Norwichunion.com version 2009-10, JVP (Joint Venture project with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) & Natwest Bank), designing & testing company intranet, as well as the first build of Aviva website.

I was involved in the transformation of the Norwichunion.com to Aviva in its layout (GUI) & design, portal project & other sub sites of the company using HCI / DDA & usability guidelines. I also designed the storyboard layout for sister concerns such as RBS & Natwest Bank. I completed the prototype & implemented the real-world version as well with the full functionality including AJAX. In the intranet designing process I completed the entire storyboard template, scenarios, concepts, prototypes, graphics, portability (extensive front-end work) & technical risk assessment work along with the proposed solutions.

During my work at Norwich Union, I also worked on several Adobe environments including Flash vector designing & Action Scripting, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After-Effect, Adobe Illustrator and 3D Studio Max.

Experience & Skills

Web Design, UI and Site Architecture
  • Project User Journey, main pages, UIs, logos, identities, annual reports, landing pages, conceptual sketches

  • User interaction forms with extensive data integration, Customer account dashboard

  • Retina, 4k & 5K (UHD) ready desktop / tablet / mobile cross channel designs

  • Collaborated with programmers, coders, copy writers, editors, designers, photographers and other professionals

  • Pixel-perfect templates, developed guidelines and schemas from small company sites to corporate sites (database driven)

  • Integrated dynamic media in page design: Flash, QuickTime, Director, and Streaming Media

Print / Web Campaigns
  • Designed projects for print, including logos, brand identities, vector/bitmap designing, collateral, newsletters, annual reports, magazine ads, brochures, posters, trade show booth (Photoshop / InDesign)

  • Practical understanding of RGB & CMYK colour tones

  • Produced quality typography with high standards on type face selection, kerning, leading and readability

  • Thorough understanding of the Artwork concepts for targeted audiences from the user and usability point of view

Digital Video / Motion Graphics
  • Proud to introduce Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) animations in Santander Bank Corporate Banking (Web and App)

  • Produced and directed video clips, training videos, storyboards for CD-ROM, DVD, kiosks, documentaries and marketing SD/HD videos

  • Collaborated with actors, writers, artists, directors, camera staff and other professionals

  • Extensive knowledge of AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) video decoding technology

  • Edited and composed digital audio/video (Non-linear and Linear)

  • Designed & rendered interactive navigation menus and UI for online interactive movies

  • Gained knowledge of SD/HD/3D/4K/5k (UHD) video formats and handling of video equipment

  • Gained knowledge of audio and video compression, Media Cleaner, for the web and multimedia

  • Gained knowledge of film and digital photography workflow

  • Command in RAW image format manipulation

Environment & Knowledge
  • Source Control: Visual Source Safe (VSS), Subversion, PVCS, CVS

  • Operating System: Windows, Ubuntu, Mac-OS

  • Others: Installer Vise, Microsoft Office XP/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016

  • CMS/IDE: CMS/IDE: Rhythmyx, TEAMSITE, Adobe Contribute, VisualStudio.Net, Eclipse, MS CMS, MS Share Point Portal Server

  • Environment: Good understanding of agile and XP methodologies & work flows

  • Windows Mobile PPC (2003SE, 2005, 6-pro) User Interface Designing

  • Portable OS: Excellent understanding of Apple iOS, Google Android, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows

Intelligent Solutions


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Their Thoughts


“Maarij is a passionate and talented UI/UX designer who takes great pride in his work. His designs enhanced customer satisfaction by improving the usability and ease of use.”

MATTHIAS HILINA, Southampton City Council (Capita Plc.)

“Maarij was an invaluable part of the team during his time with Mercedes, . I was impressed with his work ethic, his attention to detail and his ability to meet tight deadlines. It was a pleasure to work with Maarij and I wish him every success.”

RICHARD BRICE, Mercedes-Benz (Cygnus Ltd.)

“Maarij is an energetic and enthusiastic UX/UI designer with a direct and hands-on design approach. He has always kept his end-user as his first priority whilst designing their product with robust and clear communication.”

SANIL KUMAR, Southampton City Council (Capita Plc.)

“Maarij has wide-ranging knowledge of the design industry, very pro-active, forward-thinking attitude towards embracing the latest standards and developments. He somehow manages to stay completely calm, no matter what the job throws at him.”

MICHAEL EDWARDS, Huawei Technologies

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